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For nearly 25 years, the national journal Race, Poverty & the Environment (RP&E) has helped build the social and environmental justice movements, serving as an essential tool for research in environmental justice, showcasing articles that advance views on racial and economic justice, policy advocacy and movement building.In January 2013, Urban Habitat (UH) suspended publication of RP&E. Shortly thereafter, UH began a leadership transition and a thorough reassessment of its organizational plan. Out of this process came a new vision for continuing the vital work. Friends of RP&E, who are key stakeholders of the journal, have come together to partner with Urban Habitat in creating a new path forward for movement-based publishing called Reimagine: RP&E. The Reimagine project seeks to pilot a joint publication model in which groups share the sponsorship and editorial direction of the journal, thereby enhancing its sustainability and its potential as a movement-building vehicle.

The Need for a Vibrant EJ Communications Vehicle
Given the demographic shifts in the United States, it is more important than ever for policy advocacy, organizing and movement building to reflect the interests and goals of low-income and communities of color and for them to have an effective research and communications platform. As john powell, director of the newly formed Haas Institute for an Equitable Society at U.C. Berkeley, has noted in his vision for a revitalized broad-based civil and economic rights movement: “… we will need a strategy for dissemination and communication—an effective way to move the public discourse.”[1]

RP&E’s solution-oriented approach is exactly what is called for in this political climate. It’s a communications vehicle that elevates community voices to a higher level and a larger movement, and advances an environmental, social and economic justice agenda. Recent published topics include racial discrimination in the foreclosure crisis; responses of resilient communities to climate disasters; and national campaigns led by low-wage workers that combine jobsite organizing, government policy initiatives and public education. RP&E’s wide-reaching and extremely diverse readership includes grassroots activists, students, academics, progressive policymakers, and philanthropists. The journal also aligns its work with other progressive publications and projects throughout the country.

REIMAGINE: Seeks Funding
We are currently seeking funding to lay the groundwork for the re-launch of RP&E by building consensus and finding financial support from a broad range of stakeholders. The fiscal sponsor for Reimagine is the Movement Strategy Center (MSC) ( and will be administering the finds for the new project. The Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment (CRPE) which co-founded RP&E in 1990 ( will will coordinate grant proposal development and submissions. Urban Habitat will be providing in-kind services and continue to host the journal online during the transition period.

Our first quarter 2014 objectives are to:

  • Identify broad group of potential cooperating organizations; meet individually and collectively to discuss publishing needs and ways in which a re-imagined RP&E might meet them
  • Secure commitments from organizational partners and agree on project structure
  • Undertake a survey and assessment of major movement and policy themes for 2014
  • Produce 2 recorded movement media sessions with transcripts and produce a pilot issue using print on demand and online presentation.

The Reimagine RP&E Initiative consists of academics working to create the intellectual framework of contemporary racial justice theories, community organizers working for a more equal and just society, students aspiring to study these practices, media outlets building national networks to advance social justice, and individual and institutional philanthropists capable of providing robust financial support for these efforts. It is anchored by Editor Emeritus Carl Anthony, RP&E co-founder and Urban Habitat board member, Editor B. Jesse Clarke (2005-2013),  Associate Editors Merula Furtado and Marcy Rein, Web Editor and Designer Christine Joy Ferrer.

[1] “Building a Research Institute and an Activist Network,” Poverty & Race, September/October 2012.

Reimagine RP&E: Farewell and Release Party February 20, 6:30 @ Joyce Gordon Gallery


You’re Invited!
Reimagine RP&E Farewell and Release Party
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
@ 6:30 – 9 p.m.

Joyce Gordon Gallery
406 14th St. @ Franklin St.
Oakland, California.

Drink, eat, mingle.
Meet the writers and editors behind RP&E.
Reimagine the future of our work together!

Join us in celebrating 22 years of Race, Poverty & the Environment journal, its contribution to social and environmental justice, and the the release of our farewell issue.

Urban Habitat has suspended publication of the journal and Radio RP&E.

RP&E, web and design editorB. Jesse Clarke (Editor & Art Director), Christine Joy Ferrer (Web and Design Editor) and the rest of our editorial production staff would like to express our appreciation to all our readers, our more than 600 writers, and numerous supporters. Help us Reimagine the future of our work.

Please R.S.V.P. to
Or call 510.839.9510 ext 303

*Donations will be accepted to defray the cost of the event.
 A donation box will be at the door.

As of January 2012, our online archives (1990-2011) are now available on JSTOR, a comprehensive online academic journal archive.

What’s next? Reimagining RP&E

Reimagine RP&EBy B. Jesse Clarke

As we are going to press, I have just learned that Urban Habitat has suspended publication of Race Poverty & the Environment (RP&E). RP&E will be exploring joint production of the journal with other organizations doing complementary work and friends of RP&E will be researching alternative models for sustaining the journal. To join this effort please visit

Regardless of what comes next, I’d like to thank the hundreds of writers, activists and artists I have worked with since 2005. Their thoughtful provocative and intelligent analyses of our movements have taught me much and, I hope, enriched your understanding. It’s also been an honor to work with the dozens of dedicated activists who have passed through Urban Habitat’s doors over these nearly eight years. Continue reading

Eyes Opened: My Exit Review

RP&E, web and design editorBy Christine Joy Ferrer

About five years ago, more than anything, I wanted to be a journalist who truly represented the voice of the people. A job at a corporate, mainstream publication never appealed to me. Today, I’m honored to have worked as the web and design editor for Race, Poverty & the Environment, a journal that has mirrored my passion for a myriad of issues in the realm of social and environmental justice. And it’s also great being able to say, I worked for Urban Habitat, “an organization that builds power in low-income communities and communities of color.“

But for 2013, I want to do more. It was Grace Lee Boggs that said, ”How we change the world and how we think about changing the world has to change.”
Continue reading