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Publication Frequency and Volume/ Issue Explanation

Race, Poverty & the Environment is published using a hybrid web /print publication cycle.  For academic citation and reference purposes scholars are encouraged to use the JSTOR archive with stable URLs which includes individal urls for every article published since 1990.

Beginning with this Volume (22 No. 1 & 2), Race, Poverty & the Environment (RP&E) articles will be published online first and print editions will be released as a single volume. We will publish additional timely articles online as they are produced throughout the year. Print subscribers will receive a single annual volume and special editions and compilations of articles.

Eventually all articles are available free to the public online. 

Explanation of Numbering of Volumes/ Issues
From 1990 until 2006 RP&E alternated between quarterly, semi-annual and annual publication. When no issues were published in a given year the Volume number was not assigned until publication resumed.  In the archved editions there were some early Volumes that combined years and issues in an irregular pattern.

From 2006-2012 RP&E published 2 Issues a year usually in the spring and fall. No Issues were published in 2013-2014.